Health & Safety

We hold the health and well-being of our workforce paramount at all times – a healthy and happy workforce = a healthy garden and a happy customer!

A great deal of our commitment here at Pride Landscape & Design comes not only from the work that we do but keeping everyone safe and sound while we are doing it!

Our health and safety policy is:

• Supported by the appropriate and regularly revised risk assessments as well as method statements

• Rests on the shoulders of our team who are highly trained. Their training is refreshed via a rolling 3-year training plan

We supply our team with:

• High-quality BS Personal Protective Equipment

• The ability to say no! Our team of trained employees is mindful of any potential risks. We actively praise any member of our team who will not go ahead with a task that they deem unsafe. We trust their opinion because after all – we have provided them with the very best in risk assessment training!

Safety first at all times

Instead of asking a landscape contractor to show you an insurance certificate that reassures you that they are covered in the event of an accident – you should be asking for examples of the following which will provide reassurance that you are using a firm that works safely to begin with, and that an accident is very unlikely to ever take place:

•  Current Health, Safety & Environmental Policies (required by law for companies who have 5 staff or more)
•  Site Hazard Checklists
•  Risk Assessments
•  Method Statements
•  COSHH Assessments
•  PA1/PA6 certificates for herbicides/pesticides

A method statement needs to be signed by both the garden/site owner and the contractor and updated if any new methods/equipment is being used or site hazards identified.

And to make doubly sure you are employing the right contractor:

•  How many accidents have taken place in the last 3 years? Were any RIDORR reportable?
•  Does the firm run a service/repair register for equipment for PUWER regulations?
•  Does the firm follow PAMAS requirements for scaffolding?

And last but definitely not least

Does the business operate a “near miss” policy?

Here at Pride Landscape, in order to keep everyone safe (that’s you as the customer, our employees and the public at large) we adhere to a strict health and safety policy which operates on a full disclosure basis meaning that we actively encourage our team to report any “near misses” that could have resulted in an accident because we learn from any errors to ensure they are never repeated. That’s the kind of company we would want on our project, so we do all the above as standard for yours.

If you could like to know more about our Health and Safety policy or for any enquiries please get in touch.

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