Creating a vertical herb garden



A beautiful space saving product that helps to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air. They also benefit those living nearby as the quality of air is improved.

Vertical herb gardens take advantage of the space outdoors or indoors that is not being used and can grow a variety of herbs. Mediterranean herbs grow well, even in the cooler summers.

Top 10 herbs:

  1. Chives – Growing a fresh supply is ideal for frequent cooking as they lose the flavour when they are dry.
  2. Basil – Likes the humidity so take into consideration to the location when planting.
  3. Thyme – Takes a long time to grow from seeds.
  4. Mint – Easy plant to grow. Use fresh for the best flavour.
  5. Sage – Best grown from a plant, keep pruning to promote new growth and needs a lot of sunlight.
  6. Oregano – Best planted in a sunny location in well drained soil.
  7. Rosemary – Does not like the cold.
  8. Lemon Balm – This will grow 24 to 36 inches but thrives on being cut back.
  9. Bay Leaf – Needs to be pruned as it grows very large.
  10. Parsley – Needs the sunlight to help grow

Each trough has a unique built-in water reservoir so you do not have to water as often. There is a water level indicator which will need checking once or twice a week. If the levels get low then just top up with water to make sure the plants always have enough.

If the location of your vertical garden receives more light at the top then plant your herbs accordingly. The plants that need more water are likely to do better near the base of the planter as they can receive extra run-off from the plants above.

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