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Discover the natural beauty of authentic timber without the flows of the real thing. Millboard is crafted from a unique Resin Mineral Composite. One of the key benefits of this product is that it will not rot and is stain and algae resistant.

Aspects of The Millboard Way is to be as sustainable as possible.
Millboard decking is a low-carbon material and has been thoroughly tested to ensure its production is environmentally friendly. They are the first premium outdoor flooring company in the world to have its carbon footprint independently verified and UKAS accredited, to the international standard ISO 14064-1 Verified Carbon Footprint Assurance Mark.

Millboard was founded with the idea of solving a problem, that for all its beauty, timber decking had structural flaws. The Douglass family utilised their knowledge of moulding from natural materials and working with polyurethane. This solution manufactured something beautiful to give wood-free decking, which exceeds natural timber by being moulded from real oak, an authentic and natural look. The Millboard Way is to ensure their product is fit for use, easy to buy and straight forward to install.

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Millboard vs composite Decking

No wood

The majority of composite decking combines plastic with wood fibres. Millboard decking is made from wood-free polyurethane mixed with mineral stone to create a unique resin mineral board that is durable for outdoor use all year round. This is one of the most sturdiest resin materials that will not rot or warp. The decking has minimal movement in the boards and since it has no wood content at all, it cannot be affected by damp or attacked by insects.


Many composite decking boards are created by extrusion, where raw materials are combined and forced through an opening that decides the shape of the end product. Millboard decking is hand-moulded from original timber, it is then hand-coloured by our craftsmen, creating a far more authentic wood finish. Without close inspection, you would barely know it was not wood.

Despite it’s unique composition, Millboard decking is easy to work with. It can be sawn and cut with standard woodworking tools. There is no pre-drilling required for fixings and Millboard’s unique Lastane™ surface flexes itself back over the heads of their special Durafix® screws which leaves a virtually indistinguishable mark to create a clean ‘lost head’ effect.


Millboard Decking Product Range

Enhanced Grain Decking

This decking is moulded from selected smooth timber with a stylish finish. It is hard wearing with low maintenance and exceptional anti-slip properties.

Enhanced Grain


Weathered Oak Decking

This product is moulded from 100 year old reclaimed oak timber, displaying an instant worn look with very little maintenance. This comes with exceptional anti-slip properties and stain resistant.

Weathered Oak


Lasta-Grip Decking

This decking displays unique textured designs that have been combined with the Enhanced Grain boards with ultimate anti-slip resistance. Perfect for areas where safety is of great importance but keeping the captivating appearance without a rough feel. Very low maintenance and stain resistant.

Lasta-Grip Decking

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