Private Country House

A stunning property in a glorious setting for a ‘back to front’ job!


Design, Garden Landscaping, Paving & Patios, Driveways

This project was completed in two phases, the first year we did the exterior area of the property and we then returned a year later to undertake the works required to the front of the property. This job was an absolute pleasure from start to finish, the property was situated in an incredible place with stunning views.

We really wanted to emphasise on the crisp white render and be in keep with this modern traditional property. We used a Sawn (modern) sandstone and a Limestone (traditional) Cobble for the back patio area. The garden really sloped down on one side so to keep a consistent level all the way across we incorporated half circle retaining planter beds with a large stairway entrance.

For the front we used a tumbled cobble with beautiful colours that really stand out up against the render, we used the same limestone cobble for the border of the driveway as we used on the back patio so we could make the front look different but still flow with a consistence when you walked around the back of the property.

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Are you ready to have your space transformed?

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