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Paving & patio services

If you want to enjoy your garden, especially after it’s been raining, you’ll almost certainly want a solid surface on which to place a bench, table and chairs or outdoor suite. This is where our paving services in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire come into their own.

Eating Alfresco

Food simply tastes better outdoors, and a pleasant patio can quickly become an outdoor dining area that you will want to use for almost every meal (weather permitting of course!). We will work with you to decide where the most suitable location for the patio is, how large to make it and whether or not you want to add an awning, gazebo or similar shading to make eating out more enjoyable on hot sunny days.

Chimineas, Barbecues and Fireplaces

Fire has fascinated mankind ever since the first people started taming it to provide them with warmth and to cook food. Incorporating somewhere to enjoy the delights of an open fire is often top of our clients’ wish lists, and we will endeavour to include somewhere you can site a chiminea or barbecue. Alternatively, we can also create fire circles and fire pits as a patio feature. Talk to us today about how we can tame fire for your garden within our Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire garden design services.

Decorative Paving

We can create a number of decorative effects through careful choice of paving design in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, and use of materials. Some of the previous projects we have completed are available in our portfolio, but we are confident we can create anything you can describe to us (we accept Pinterest and Instagram too).

Walkways and driveways

Using gravel, slate, stone or more modern innovations such as resin bound gravel and Drivesys Original Cobble or Split Stone we can create a space for you to be proud of parking on.

We can lay feature paths within your garden creating strips of paving, or stepping stones to increase the amount of lawn visible. We can also incorporate other low-growing plants such as thyme or chamomile into the walkway to create a sensual path between areas of your garden.

Other features

Patios on their own can be dull, but we spice them up by choosing imaginative planting schemes to border them. We have also created sunken patios in suitable gardens, with retaining walls that provide an extra degree of privacy and protection and incorporated water features such as small streams, fountains or waterfalls. Another popular feature to add to a patio is a gazebo which can be covered in climbing plants or removable canvas as desired.


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