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During lockdown, we have all been spending a lot more time in the garden, so naturally we are bound to notice little things – or big things – that don’t seem right. You may even have attempted some garden renovation work that may not have gone to plan, leading you to start to consider getting the professionals in.

Designing a dream garden that you are proud of isn’t impossible, and you can do it all, with our help, from the comfort of your own home.

Our remote garden design service allows you to design your garden and driveway from anywhere in the world, remotely, when it is most convenient for you. It can provide contractor plans, lighting, planting and even project management to help make your garden designing experience as stress free as possible. Pride Landscape and Design will work closely with you to design your garden to suit your needs. We provide 3D models alongside planting and lighting plans as and when required to help you to plan exactly what you want your garden to look like. These models can be presented as either a document sent to you via email, or through augmented reality on video calls. This way, you can accurately visualise your dream and make it a reality.

For an additional cost, Pride Landscape and Design offer 3D photorealistic renders of the design so that you can see exactly how your garden changes at different points in the day, and also along with the seasons. These renders are especially useful for planting plans so that customers can get an idea of what the plants will look like as time goes on.

At Pride Landscape and Design, we’re proud to reveal that our remote garden design service is a stand-alone option, so you are not restricted to using our other services, even though we’ve helped with the design. We offer the ultimate in flexible design, allowing you a cost-effective professional standard design as well as giving you the opportunity to choose your own local contractor to complete the work, or even work on it yourselves. Why not get a quick quote today and start to build a garden design you can be really proud of?


Quick Quote

We can provide you with a garden design quotation online. Please provide the following details.



    Photo UploadPlease provide a photo from the front, back and sides of each section of your garden including from the top floor of the house if possible.



    No matter where you are in the world our remote garden and feature garden design service is available to you from the safety of your own home. Using our holistic, client-centred approach we provide garden and feature garden designs to meet your needs and will work with you to ensure 100% satisfaction. Complete with plant, lighting and contractor plan our remote garden design service will give you everything you need to see your project through to completion.


    Whether you are looking for a truly modern driveway or want to recreate olde worlde charm in order to counterpoint the architectural style of your period property our driveway design service can help. We use a variety of materials, both innovative modern systems such as bound resin or DriveSys together with more traditional options, to create stunning entrances and parking areas.


    As Garden and Landscape Designers it is crucial to us that the end product meets the needs of our clients. That is why we provide 3D models and drawings from a number of angles so that you can get greater insight into how your garden might look and work. We provide planting and lighting plans too giving you peace of mind that all aspects of your garden have been considered before any groundwork actually begins.


    Realise your dream garden with the added service of photo-realistic 3D CAD landscape and architectural renders. Using Lumion 9 we can bring your prospective garden to life, show you how it will look throughout the seasons and even give you a feel for how different lighting will transform your outdoor space. Take a walk through a video tour and see first hand what your garden could become before even lifting a shovel.

    The process

    complete the quick quote

    Until we know you and your existing garden we can’t progress, so the very first step in our remote design process is for you to complete the Quick Quote at the top of this page with your garden dimensions and some photographs of your current garden. We will then get in touch with you where we will discuss features you like and dislike about your current space and explore ideas for improving it.


    Following the briefing meeting the designer will produce a mood board to inspire you. You will be shown samples of materials for your consideration. Mood boards help bring together the ideas that have been discussed and ensures that the designer knows what you are expecting.

    Concept Design

    Once the designer is happy they understand what you are looking for they will create an outline of the final design. Major features such as patios and water features will be marked, but precise materials will be decided later. The concept allows you to make changes before progressing to the final stages of the project.


    Once the concept is approved the design team will bring all the discussions, mood boards and the final concept together into a master plan. This will show precise locations of hard landscaping and will include details of materials, such as decking or paving. Where appropriate 3D renditions of the design can also be produced to ensure you understand what the finished design will look like before work commences.


    With any landscaping project, there will be a need to replant bare areas. The planting plan is used in conjunction with the master plan to show where particular plants are needed. The planting plan will also take into account how the garden will mature and to what extend larger plants will create shade.


    A good lighting scheme can allow you to enjoy many summer nights in the garden and can enhance the view from indoors after dark. The lighting plan will specify what type of lamps are to be installed, where they are to be positioned and will consider where cabling can safely be run to ensure it remains safe from garden tools and frost.


    Although we don’t sub-contract we still create contractor plans. These are detailed drawings of specific areas – such as ponds, retaining walls or patios – that the landscaping team can use to ensure they build the right hard landscaping features. How many contractor plans are required will depend on the complexity of your project and the potential for different areas to be developed simultaneously.


    Once there is a plan in place and work is ready to begin on creating your new garden you may wish to project manage the work ahead yourself. However for those who don’t want to take on this responsibility we can project manage the work on your outdoor space for you, for an additonal fee. Get in touch today for a free no obligation quote using the form above or give us a call on 01777 948030 where we will be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

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