We treat each customer as an individual and hope we explain the garden design or landscaping services in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire process fully, but nonetheless, there are specific questions we find ourselves being asked time and time again, whether it’s a garden design, a landscaping service or something encompassing the two. We’ve brought all our regular enquires together into this list of most frequently asked questions.

How long will my job take?

During your initial quote we will assess the length of time and give you a rough idea once we have visited your premises. The unpredictable British weather could cause delays in some cases.

Is my work guaranteed?

Yes! We offer a 5 year warranty on all workmanship and 10 years on materials.
Taking our warranty gives you total peace of mind while we work on providing you with a first class service.

Will you remove all waste?

Of course, this is included in the total quoted price, we will leave your garden/driveway/patio looking prestigious with all waste removed and disposed and certainly clean and tidy.

What if I can’t decide what to choose?

Don’t worry, we understand that choosing the right materials is extremely important to the value of your home and for your own satisfaction.

During the quoting process we will aim to give you as much information and advice as possible, we can provide samples if needed too. We want you to be happy so taking time to choose the right thing is not a problem!

Do I need to be at home whilst you are working on my property?

Some customers wish to cause minimal disruption to their personal lives and choose to go about their normal lives, this is not a problem at all.

As long as we have access to the area and an outside tap and electric supply, that’s all we need!

What hours will you be working?

We typically arrive on the job each morning around 8:00am and dependent on seasons will work up until the night draws in. If there are any issues with the working hours we are more than happy to have a chat to agree what is best.

What happens if there is any damage to my property?

Our team work extremely carefully to ensure no damage is caused to your property. We have full public liability cover in place for up to £10,000,000 so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. In the unlikley event that damage is caused we will take full responsibility and repair/replace the damage.

Do I need planning permission for my driveway?

New rules came into force in October 2008.

For households wanting to pave their front garden or if your new or replacement driveway uses porous surfacing that allows water to drain though (eg gravel, permeable paving or asphalt) or if the rainwater is directed to a loan or border to drain naturally, you will not need planning permission.

If you want to use traditional, impermeable materials that do not provide for the water to run to a permeable area and the surface to be covered is more than 5 square meters, then you will need planning permission. If you have any concerns then we are more than happy to talk through the regulations to ensure you are doing the right thing.

Any other questions?

If your question isn’t on the list, please don’t hesitate to get in contact to ask it.
Just fill in the form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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