Driveway paving services

Your driveway is the first part of your property that visitors see, and we can help you create a visually stunning and impressive first impression as part of our garden design and landscaping in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire services.

Having a quality driveway also helps in your enjoyment of your property helping you to park your car easily and make it to your front door without getting muddy.

Experienced teams get the job done right

We have over 10 years of experience in landscape design and driveway installation in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire and the surrounding areas so you can be sure that we know how to get it right – first time. We don’t use subcontractors which means you can rest assured that our high standards and attention to detail are maintained from our first meeting to the last load of rubble being taken off your property.

Modern Innovation

Driveways in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, like anywhere else, take a lot of wear, but with modern materials, we can install a driveway that will continue looking good year after year.

We are able to install bound resin to give the appearance of a gravel driveway without the mess and maintenance associated with loose pebbles. Unlike resin bonded driveways the area remains water permeable ensuring that run-off is kept to a minimum to avoid flash flooding.

We are also DriveSys installers and offer both DriveSys Old Cobble and DriveSys Split Stone options. Old Cobble mimics the effect of aged cobbles, but takes a fraction of the time to lay and will remain weed-free for longer. Split Stone gives the appearance of flat setts but again is faster to lay and means access to your property will be restricted for a much shorter period of time.

Traditional Materials

We can also source and install more traditional options such as block paving, stone, slate and loose gravel should you prefer. We can design decorative paving for your driveway using different colours or materials to create eye-catching and unique designs.

Full design or installation only

If you are looking to completely transform the front of your property we offer a full driveway design and installation service in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire where we will discuss how you want to use the space, what vehicles or other items you wish to place on the driveway and whether or not you want a front garden or just a driveway. We will then turn your ideas into a plan and when you are happy our driveway installation team can begin work.

Local Tradesmen

Our base is in Retford, but we cover driveway services in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. If you aren’t sure if we are local to you then simply call us, tell us where you are, and we’ll let you know.


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    Our driveway services include

    Brick Driveways

    Brick driveways have an undeniably interesting look and often make for a beautiful, modern and practical driveway at your property. Having a brick driveway installed on your property will not only look great but it will also offer practicality and give your property a very traditional appeal that can be made unique to your specific requirements. Brick driveways boast a strong aesthetic appeal that work well if you have the right type of home to accompany it. Having a brick driveway will add value to your home and make for a great first impression, and it can actually be a great surface to park on. A brick driveway will last for decades if maintained and looked after well.

    Gravel Driveways

    Gravel driveways are an ideal solution for properties situated in rural areas. Gravel driveways are not only a popular choice for those who live in the country but are also popular for properties in urban environments to. Many people see a gravel driveway as an upgrade from a dirt driveway as, in most cases, gravel driveways can be installed very quickly and used almost straight away. Gravel driveways are also ideal for security measures as it can be a deterrent given the noise it makes when moved on.

    Cobble Driveways

    Cobble driveways have a traditional, historic look and feel and would be a great addition to any property with plenty of character. Cobble driveways, in most cases, are very similar to a traditional brick driveway with both driveways functioning very similarly, and both adding a significant amount of value to your property whilst being visually appealing. Cobble driveways are more premium and expensive to other types of driveways but, if taken care of, you will have a premium driveway that will make your house stand out from the others in your neighbourhood. If you want a premium looking driveway for your property you should consider a cobble driveway.

    Resin Driveways

    NEW THIS YEAR! Resin driveways have been around for a long time now but as a company we have seen so many issues including, yellowing of the product, insufficient load baring resistance, power steering pulling churning it up in hot weather. With all these issues we just haven’t felt it would be a worthy service to provide, until now, We are excited to say that finally we have found a supplier we can trust that enables us to give a full guarantee for non yellowing under UV, suds compliant and a heavy load bearing. Resin Driveways will only be installed between June – October due to temperature so book early to avoid disappointment as we have limited spaces available.

    Natural Stone Driveways

    Give the entrance to your home a premium look with a natural stone driveway. Natural stone driveways create an elegant solution for your driveway and they are available in a wide variety of colours and shades to meet your individual requirements. All natural stone driveways are laid on a full bed of cement keeping the requirement to maintain at a minimal compared to the standard concrete brick. You can choose from various join colours to give you a truly unique natural stone driveway.

    Limestone Driveways

    Limestone driveways are a great affordable option for your driveway that not only look great but also add value to your property. The greyish-white colour of crushed limestone is meticulously cut from a durable dolomitic limestone, and the driveway blocks have a lightly riven and tumbled texture ideal for contemporary and traditional settings. Limestone driveways are a great solution if you are looking for something affordable and less expensive to build.

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