Living Walls

Living walls

With landscapers growing ever more innovative in introducing Mother Nature to homes and businesses so that we can all benefit from her health-giving properties; the must-have feature for many people is the “living wall”.

The natural world

It is a fact that we humans have an innate need to be connected to nature but the environments in which we spend the most time tend to be stripped bare of flora and fauna, and many of us suffer as a result. However, the idea that we have to have a segregated outdoor space for work, rest and play is fading fast with the introduction of “living walls” that take you seamlessly from living in a concrete jungle to experiencing a fall of lush green nature which simultaneously relaxes and energises, improves air quality and focus and can even lower blood pressure.

Breaking down barriers

Even though we naturally think of a wall as a barrier; a living wall is actually a living, breathing sculpture that unites us on many levels – from creating a talking point, to enhancing a company’s image and their green credentials to even purifying the space around it! They even help to provide natural insulation, reduce noise pollution and improve urban health and biodiversity by offering ecological benefits too.

Visual masterpiece

Living walls are masterpieces in which man and nature both play a part in creating. They are comprised of vertical arrangements of planters – think waterfall without the water (although they have a vertical watering system for ultimate low maintenance). Once mature, the plants display a cascade of greenery with flowers and fruits even being possible too.

How do I get one?

Here at Pride Landscape, we take ultimate pride in being able to offer you a living wall to suit any space, whether it is commercial or residential, indoor or outdoor. Our standard living wall comes in 9 panels, but our full design service means we can get creative to suit any project you have in mind.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety, as well as customer satisfaction, is paramount at Pride. We appreciate you will be admiring your wall and won’t be climbing it, but your health and safety are still essential. However, we do offer a 10-year warranty as standard, and our panels are fire resistant BS476 Part 6/7.

Technical details

Our modular system is comprised of panels that are light-weight and semi-hydroponic. Each square meter holds up to 49 plants in individual pockets and panels can be fitted to smooth or curved services.

Rapid Installation

There is no need to sit, watch and wait for your plants to grow! Our system is designed for fast installation with minimum disruption with all walls planted on-site. Just stand back and admire!


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