Garden design services

We offer a full design and installation service, or we have a design only option to allow you to complete the final landscaping for your garden.

Our 8-step design approach

We have a holistic approach to garden design, working through an 8-point process to ensure that we have taken into account your ideas, your lifestyle and your budget and that you are completely happy with our proposals before we even so much as lift a spade.

Local Knowledge

As a local company with over 10 years of experience, we understand the local climate and growing conditions ensuring that we will only suggest planting schemes that we are confident are going to flourish. We don’t sub-contract our work and use local suppliers for plants and materials wherever possible, ensuring that our local economy thrives.

Services Offered

We can design almost all aspects of your outdoor space including driveways, patios and paved areas, garden structures such as pergolas and gazebos, decking and garden show-pieces. We can design planting schemes for small spaces such as balconies and create lush indoor gardens that usher you from your home out into the garden blurring the boundary between in and out.

Using innovative modern techniques and materials, such as composite decking and resin bound gravel, we can shorten the time it takes to landscape the garden, but we also have the craftsman skills to use traditional methods should you prefer.

A design-only service allows you to explore the options for creating the garden of your dreams and is ideal for gardeners and keen home DIYers who like the challenge of working with their hands but want a professional to bring it all together.

Our installation-only service enables you to take advantage of the skills and experience of our landscape gardeners where you only need the hard landscaping completed, or if you have drawn up a design of your own already. Our full service, and the option that most of our customers take offers you a hassle-free route to the garden of your dreams. From the first meeting to the last sweeping of debris our teams work hard to ensure your satisfaction. The design team works closely with the landscaping team which allows for tighter project management and a more realistic completion date.


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    Our design services include

    Garden Design

    Our 8-step process transforms your garden taking you from mud to magnificent in only a few weeks. Using our holistic, client-centred approach we aren’t happy until you are. Our experienced design and landscaping teams offer a fully comprehensive service including full project management of the landscaping installation. Alternatively, we offer a design-only service which is ideal for customers who may be keen to complete the work themselves.

    Driveway Design

    Whether you are looking for a truly modern driveway or want to recreate olde worlde charm in order to counterpoint the architectural style of your period property our driveway design service can help. We use a variety of materials, both innovative modern systems such as bound resin or DriveSys together with more traditional options, to create stunning entrances and parking areas.

    Indoor Garden Design

    Creating a bridge between indoors and out, or allowing you to luxuriate in nature when you have limited outdoor space our indoor garden design service makes the most of what you have. We can offer advice on living walls, indoor water features, animal and child-friendly gardening and growing edible plants in areas such as conservatories or orangeries.

    Feature Garden Design

    Whether looking to spruce up an existing garden or add wow factor to a new design. We specialise in the design and installation of centrepieces and show-pieces, both in existing locations and in new designs. We can supply and site statues, decorative sculptures and garden structures such as gazebos and pergolas. Ponds and water features can also be designed and installed to create relaxing and interesting focal points.

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    The process

    Briefing Meeting

    Until we know you and your existing garden we can’t progress, so the very first step in our process is to meet you at your home and tour your garden. We will talk to you about features you like and dislike about your current space, and explore your ideas for improving it. Now is the time to show us your Pinterest boards!

    Site Survey/Mood Board

    Larger projects may require a full site survey while for smaller projects the designer will be able to make the drawings they require. Following the briefing meeting and site survey the designer will produce a mood board to inspire you. You will be shown samples of materials such as composite decking or artificial turf, for your consideration. Mood boards help bring together the ideas that have been discussed and ensures that the designer knows what you are expecting.

    Concept Design

    Once the designer is happy they understand what you are looking for they will create an outline of the final design. Major features such as patios and water features will be marked, but precise materials will be decided later. The concept allows you to make changes before progressing to the final stages of the project.

    Master Plan

    Once the concept is approved the design team will bring all the discussions, mood boards and the final concept together into a master plan. This will show precise locations of hard landscaping and will include details of materials, such as decking or paving. Where appropriate 3D renditions of the design can also be produced to ensure you understand what the finished design will look like before work commences.

    Planting Plan

    With any landscaping project, there will be a need to replant bare areas. The planting plan is used in conjunction with the master plan to show where particular plants are needed. The planting plan will also take into account how the garden will mature and to what extend larger plants will create shade.

    Lighting Plan

    A good lighting scheme can allow you to enjoy many summer nights in the garden and can enhance the view from indoors after dark. The lighting plan will specify what type of lamps are to be installed, where they are to be positioned and will consider where cabling can safely be run to ensure it remains safe from garden tools and frost.

    Contractor Plan

    Although we don’t sub-contract we still create contractor plans. These are detailed drawings of specific areas – such as ponds, retaining walls or patios – that the landscaping team can use to ensure they build the right hard landscaping features. How many contractor plans are required will depend on the complexity of your project and the potential for different areas to be developed simultaneously.

    Project Management

    Bringing all the plans together a project management plan is created to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This will cover timescales and ensure that the project remains on schedule and in budget. Landscaping projects can require strict timing to ensure situations such as plants being stored for too long or aggregate arriving before the ground is prepared can’t arise. When you opt for the full-service, we will ensure that the whole project is fully managed until leaving you to enjoy your new oasis of calm.


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