The benefits of living walls



What do you know about indoor plants? For example, did you know that office workers are 15% more productive if they have plants in the office space compared to their colleagues without greenery? Or that one study has found a 25% reduction in headaches when plants were introduced?

We are creatures of the forest, and although many of us think we feel happier in the urban jungle, our innate response to having plant life around is still powerful.

Living walls are an innovative way of bringing the outdoors indoors without taking up lots of space or time in maintenance. Plant walls generally have integrated irrigation systems to keep plants optimally watered and other maintenance can be arranged on an ongoing contract or ad hoc basis.

What’s wrong with a spider plant on the windowsill?

The short answer – nothing! Spider plants are traditional low-maintenance plants requiring a splash of water and quite a bit of neglect to thrive. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.

The difference with a living wall is simply the number of plants that can be supported in a small area. More plants mean more benefits!

Living walls can act as dividers between different parts of the open-plan office and living spaces. Imagine sitting down to watch TV next to a dense wall of lush greenery – instead of a view of the pile of washing up you know you ought to be tackling! Imagine having a meeting at work in what feels like a forest glade with mossy walls and feathery ferns all around. Some types of plant walls can even improve the insulation of your building.

The more plants you grow, the better the air purification benefits too. All plants use light to absorb carbon dioxide, and other unwanted chemicals, from the air and convert it to pure, clean, oxygen. Plants can even improve your health – plant walls can filter out nasty germs from the air, while the physical presence of plant life improves overall mental health and can lower blood pressure. Hospitals with plenty of greenery report better tolerance of pain in patients too.

Get ahead – get a wall

Plant walls are a huge trend at the moment – and one we think is going to last. With proven benefits and low maintenance requirements living walls are a trend we believe everyone is going to be adopting sooner or later, so why not lead the way?

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